Daily Satsangs and Sarva Darshan

Daily satsangs (discourses), Sarva darshan (meeting the people of Madurai, healing, blessing and guiding to living enlightenment)

As part of revival of Kailaasa, the enlightenment ecosystem in Madurai, The SPH delivered the Nithya Satsang (everyday morning discourse) whenever He was at the Madurai Aadheenam. He also accepted pada puja (sacred offering to His Lotus feet) from devotees. Following the satsang, there was Sarva Darshan where He met each one individually, listening to their difficulties, unfulfilled aspirations and anything else, blessing them, healing them of any physical ailments and guiding them to higher conscious living.

As part of revival of Kailaasa in Madurai, The SPH delivers the first Nithya Satsang (Daily morning discourse) to the people of Madurai which was aired as always live over the globe through 2-way video conferencing to all the other enlightenment ecosystems around the world and through Nithyananda.tv to humanity at large.
The SPH started the everyday Sarva Darshan in Madurai Aadheenam where He meets the people directly, listening to their grievementsm healing them, blessing them and guiding them to enlightened living.
The SPH delivers the Nithya Satsang (everyday morning discourse) watched through 2-way video conferencing at all other enlightenment ecosystems around the world.
The SPH in Sarva darshan – meeting the people, healing, blessing and guiding them towards higher conscious living
After satsang, The SPH heals and attends to each one individually during Sarva darshan.
Followers enjoy the Nithya Satsang – every day morning discourse.
The SPH is healing a devotee during Sarva darshan (individual blessing to each one present) that follows after the morning discourse
The SPH and the 292nd Pontiff meet people during the day, blessing them and spreading the ultimate Truths.
The SPH releases 150 meditation techniques online for free access worldwide.

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