Devi Meenakshi

Mother of the Cosmos, “Ādi Śakti” (the original source of energy), who is the divine consort of Lord Paramaśiva – Sundareshvara – appeared in her third incarnation as “Meenakshi” meaning ‘“the fish-eyed one’”. Once, Madurai was ruled by a King by name Malayadhvaja Pandian. His wife was Kaanchanamaalai and unfortunately they were not blessed with a child for quite a long period. They conducted a Yaga (an act of propitiation to the Gods), called Puthra Kameshti Yagam. A beautiful three-year-old female child was granted to them which appeared from the fire of the Yaga, spontaneously. This child had three breasts in its body and this caused distress to the royal couple, Malayadhvajan and Kaanchanamaalai. Also they had asked God Almighty for a male child who could carry on the affairs of the Kingdom and they beseeched help from the God again. There was a voice from heaven that spoke thus, “Do not think that this is an ordinary female child. Nurture it the way you would treat a male child and make her the Queen; and when she sees her suitor one breast of hers will automatically disappear.” They named the child Thadathagai and took abundant care in bringing her up. At the appropriate time, she was crowned the Queen of Madurai. From that day onward she held the scepter of royal power and ruled over Madurai.

She was endowed with extraordinary yogic powers, infinite qualities and energies. Also named “Thadathagai” (warrior princess)” and “Angayarkanni”, and with a regal upbringing beyond even that of the most valiant of princes, she was the Queen of the blessed Pandyan empire headquartered at Madurai city, the city created by the divine couple Devi Meenakshi and Lord Sundareśvara. Ruling for a considerably long period, she elevated the Meenakshi Sāmrājya (Rule of Mīnākṣi) with cosmic justice, and extended the divine empire in all directions, ruling with extraordinary administrative acumen.

The Supreme Pontiff of hinduism Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam reveals deeper Truths behind Meenkshi’s birth (extract from Nithya Satsang – everyday morning discourse – delivered on 7 May 2012 at the Madurai Aadheenam):

“Sundareshwara and Meenakshi were not born of any mother’s womb. They did not assume any human body in the usual way like how we all have assumed human body. Meenakshi walked straight out of the homa agni – sacred ritualistic fire – as a 3-year-old. She just reduced her frequency from the Akashic layer, the sky, the space, straight to the physical level. She used fire as the medium. Understand: there are five elements – earth, water, fire, air and space. The beings who are living in space are enlightened beings – jeevan muktas – the divine beings. Beings who are living in this physical earth are human beings.

Meenakshi did not assume the human body in a normal way. She used fire as a medium. If you put these two elements – the earth and water into fire, it will convert them into air and space! Anything in form offered into fire will be made formless. In the same way, anything formless, to assume form, has to enter through the fire. That is why I have to use Arunachala – the fire (the sacred Arunachala hill in the birthplace of The SPH where he assumed the human form, represents the fire element). Fire is pre-requisite for the formless to assume the form, for the formless to enter the form. Meenakshi did the same thing. There was a huge sacred fire ceremony, which Meenakshi has used. She used that frequency and just entered from formless to form – assumed the human body of 3-year-old child.

Please understand, it is a very significant information. Only at the age of 3, the pratyakatma chaitanya jagratha (awakening of the individual consciousness) is possible; your bio memory and brain is mature to feel the individual existence of consciousness. Even in my case when I assumed the body, when I took birth, the body was mature and equivalent to a 3-year-old child. My mother used to say I was ten pounds! Indian village mothers can never imagine delivering a ten-pound child because usually Indian village mothers are malnourished, under nourished and I am not born in a rich family, I am born in a very middle class family. And there was no special pregnancy care given to my mother. Nothing! The moment I was born, my mother said I was so huge. She felt as if I was inside for five years!

Because only in three years, the 3rd year, the body becomes mature, the bio memory becomes mature to feel the individual awakening of consciousness. So Devi Meenakshi walked straight out of the fire as a 3-year-old child assuming the form. I don’t even want to use the word human body because her human physiology was never a normal physiology. Of course there is no question of psychology. But even her physiology was never a normal physiology. She just assumed a form, not human body – the first and foremost form of the Supreme Mother, Divine Mother, Meenakshi. The homa (fire ritual) was done by the divine rishis (enlightened Sages). Meenakshi Sundareshwara assumed the form to elevate human beings to the highest form. Human beings to the highest existence.”

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