Enlightened Beings Of Madurai

Sathuragiri Hills (Tamil: சதுரகிரி) or Sathuragiri otherwise known as ‘Sundara Mahalingam ‘ is situated around from Srivilliputhur in the Madurai district. The name Sathuragiri came from Chathur (4) Veda (Vedas) Giri (Hill), where all the four Vedas (sacred Hindu Source scriptures that are worshipped as deities) met and formed the hill. Another meaning is that the whole mountain is square (Chathuram) in shape so the name Sathuragiri. This is also called as “Siddhargal boomi”, meaning land of Siddhars. 18 Siddhars (enlightened mystics who radiated the spiritual powers of Paramasiva) lived here. This is a mysterious hill where Siddhars still worship Paramasiva. Madurai was once upon a time Kailaasa, a land of enlightened beings. A few of the enlightened beings are mentioned here:

Sundarananda Siddhar

Sundaranandar Siddhar is one of the celebrated Siddhars among the 18 Siddhas of Sathuragiri Hills. He is the one behind the popularity of Sathuragiri Hills. He disciplined under Siddhar Agathiyar and got a Shiva linga from him, which he installed in Sathuragiri hill as “Sundara Mahalingam” and worshiped it for long. He was born to Navaganda Rishi. Sattaimuni Siddhar is also his preceptor and he learnt Siddha medicine, Siddha yoga, Siddha jnana and astrology from him. He along with his Guru Sri Sattaimuni Siddhar lived in Sathuragiri hills for some time and compiled his works on Siddha medicine and astrology. He has given appropriate predictions on the day of birth, day of attaining puberty etc. In his another work, he has depicted auspicious days for cultivating mango, coconut, banana, sugarcane, lentils etc. for the maximum yield. Manaiyadi Shashtiram put forward by him gives appropriate ways to construct a house to lead a hale and hearty life. His works on poison treatment and preparation of universal salt muppu (muppu means medicine) are valuable to Siddha medicine system. Siddhar Bogar in his work “Bogar 7000” says, Siddhar Sundaranandar is an expert in space travel and deep meditation i.e… Samadhi Yoga. Sri Sundaranandar had two disciples Sri Paramanandar and Vaalai Siddhar. He attained Samadhi (final resting of mortal body) in Madurai.

(Ref.: https://www.tknsiddha.com/medicine/sundaranandar-siddhar/)

Sundaranandar Siddhar Works/Books on Siddha Medicine:

  • Sundaranandar Kaaviyam
  • Sundaranandar Visha Nivaarani
  • Sundaranandar Vaakiya Soothiram
  • Sundaranandar Vaithiya Thirattu
  • Sundaranandar Kesari
  • Sundaranandar Siddha Jnanam
  • Sundaranandar Deeksha Vithi
  • Sundaranandar Pooja Vidhi
  • Sundaranandar Athisaya Kaaranam
  • Sundaranandar Sivayoga Jnanam
  • Sundaranandar Muppu
  • Sundaranandar Thandagam

Sri Ramadevar Siddhar – Azhagar malai Siddhar

Madurai Azhagar Kovil is a sacred place atop a hill in Madurai. Many Siddhars are living there even now. It is said that even if we visit this hill of natural herbs we will be relieved of our diseases. Ramadevar Siddhar, who is one among the eighteen Siddhars, lived in this wonderful Azhagar malai. In the manuscript of Sankaran Koil in Tirunelveli near Madurai, “Pulithevar Puranam”, it is mentioned that Sri Ramadevar Siddhar was in penance in this hill, thousands of years ago. Opposite to Sathuragiri Irattai Mahalingam Sannidhi (Shrine), a cave in which Ramadevar Siddhar was in penance is being worshiped even today.

History of Ramadevar

He was born during the occurrence of the ‘Pooram’ star in the Tamil month of Masi in Nagapattinam in the State of Tamilnadu. He met many Siddhars in the Himalayan forests and with their help he researched the desert herbs of Arabia and learnt the ancient medicinal systems. On the advise of Bhogar Siddhar, who made the deity for Lord Murugan in the world-renowned Pazhani temple out of the powerful mystical substance called nava pashana, he went to Sathuragiri and entered into the state of Samadhi and he researched on desert herbs for ten years. After he went into Samadhi for ten years, his disciples decided that he cannot live for ten years in Samadhi and they left the place. Only one disciple was waiting outside the cave for his Master. Ramadevar was continuing his research on herbs in the state of Samadhi. Even when he was in Samadhi he went to many places without being visible to others.

When he was in Samadhi, he met Kalanginathar Siddhar who shared his experiences of spiritual powers with him. After ten years, he came out of Samadhi and informed his disciple that he will be continuing his research on herbs for another 30 years and so saying, returned to the state of Samadhi. The disciple waited with patience for the Siddhar. After 30 years, the Siddhar came out of Samadhi and in appreciation of his disciple’s patience, shared his knowledge with him. Other disciples who did not have faith in their Master lost their eyesight. They requested for his pardon and regained their eyesight by his sheer grace.

Ramadevar wanted human beings to be healthy when they live their life. So, whoever worships him will have healthy life. He returned to Azhagar malai from Sathuragiri and entered into Jeeva Samadhi (final resting for the mortal body) and continues blessing his devotees from there.

On top of the Azhagar Kovil hills where his Jeeva Samadhi is located, every Saturday, at 12 noon, worship of a Shivalinga happens. Between two rocks there is a small cave with a small Shivalinga. It is a difficult path to go there. Because it is a rough terrain with wild animals people visit it in groups.

Jeeva Samadhis of Siddhars in and around Madurai

There are numerous Jeeva Samadhis (final resting places) in and around Madurai of enlightened mystics and masters who lived here. They manifested the various spiritual powers of Paramasiva and lived with the people of Madurai, keeping alive the enlightenment ecosystem of Madurai established by Paramasiva. Every Jeeva Samadhi radiates the enlightenment energy of that Siddhar and becomes a high energy zone in the enlightenment ecosystem for the people living there.

Following is a brief list of these enlightened beings and where their jeeva samadhi is located in Madurai:

Name of SiddharPlace of Jeeva SamadhiLocation
1Mottai SwamigalTirupparangkundramMottai Swamigal madam
2Reddiapatti swamigalReddiapatti villageNear Nagalapuram in Aruppukottai – Vilathikulam road
3Madurai SundaranandarTirupparangkundramMeenakshi Amman Temple
4Muniyandi SwamigalK-Rengupalayam25 km from Madurai
5Thalavirichan SwamigalKakkathoppuThalaivirichan madam
6Madurai NakkeerarKakkathoppuWest Masi Veedhi Sivan
Koil- Sangu pulavar koil
7MuthupillaiKakkathoppuSubedar madam
8Velliah SwamiSimmakkalVelliah sami madam
9Premananda swamiAvaniapuramBelow Avaniapuram Palam
Premananda madam
10Kutiyaa swamiAvaniapuramTherku mela veedhi-
Kutiya swami madam
11Vivekananda Swami madamAndalpuramVivekananda Swami madam below Andalpuram bridge
121008 Surendra Brahma
Nishta Sivanandaswamigal
AndalpuramNear Vivekananda madam
13Sridarendira SwamigalSimmakkalDakshinamurthy madam –
Pechiamman padithurai-Viyag
-arayar madam veedhi
142nd PeedapathiTiruvaduthuraiBehind Central cinema
15Kuzhandai Ananda SwamigalKalavasalKuzhandai ananda madam Near v.v.complex, Kalavasa
16Tiruparankkundram DurkaTiruparankundramTiruparankundram hills
17Machamuni SiddharTiruparankundramKasi Viswanathar temple
18Goripalayam DurkaGoripalayamKasi Viswanathar temple
19Nadana Gopala nayagi SwamigalKathakinaruOn the way from Periyar BS to Azhagar temple
20SattainatharTiruvedagamSattainathar madam
21GnanadesikarSholavandanKinni madam-
Bharaniar madam
22Arulananda TheertharSholavandanKinni madam – Mariamman –
Koil back side
23Othai sadai samigalKodimangalamOthai sadai swamigal madam
24Kasinatha GnanachariarThirubhuvanamKasinatha Gnanachariar madam
25Eli samiT.KallupattiEli Swami temple, Peraiyur
26Pattaiya SwamiT.KallupattiPattaiya temple, Near J.Kallupatti
27PaalpazhakariT.KallupattiPattaiya temple, Sali market
28KamalanandarK.RengupalayamMadurai-Rajapalayam route 30Km
Near T.Kunnathur
29Thalaivirichan swamiMadurai, Thangam theatre (Kakka thoppu)Thalaivirichan lane
30Kuttaiya swamiMaduraisouth veli veedhi
31Vivekananda Saraswati SwamiMaduraiBelow Andalpuram fly over near Periyar bus stand
32Sivananda swamiMaduraiVivekananda Saraswati Swami madam
33Brahmananda SwamiMaduraibelow Madurai Avaniapuram fly over
34Thangavel swamiMaduraiMadurai Arapalayam
35Mayandi swamigalMaduraifoothills of Thiruparankundram Thirukoodal hills
36Somappa swamiMaduraibetween Mayandi swami samadhi temple and Murugan temple in the hill
37Mookkan swamigalMaduraiat the end of Thiagarajar college in Thiruppankundram road
38Om Sivaprakasar swamigalMadurainear Thiagarajar College (every month Pooratadhi celebration)
39Yogeeswara Palani moottai swamiMaduraiafter police station near Thiagarajar college (Gurupujai on Vaikashi Mrigashirisham star)
40Kuzhandai Ananda swamiAround MaduraiSithalangudi and Thenkasi (Swamigal’s “Adhistanam” is located north of Madurai Kalavasal salai in Arasaradi)
41Vellaisami (Karunananda sami )MaduraiDoor no. 315/94, Vadakkuveli street (Gurupoojai on Chithirai Meenakshi Thirukalyanam day)
42Palani Nachimuthu swami(Sivanarayana Desikar)Around Madurainear Arapalayam bus stand opposite to Puttuthoppu Sivankoil (Gurupoojai on Chithirai Meenakshi Thirukalyanam day)
43Sadhu Vivekananda MuneeswararMaduraiMadurai Guru theatre in Mettu (His two disciple samadhi are also there)
44Kuzhandhai swamigalMaduraiEzhur Saliar chathiram in Netaji road near Periyar bus stand (Guru pooja on 15th of Panguni month)
45Vadkkanpatti Naganatha swamiMaduraiVadakkanpatti panchayat union building
46Sadguru swamiAround MaduraiM.Subbulapuram near Andipatti (Guru pooja from Ani Thiruvadirai for 3 days)
47Katharikkai SiddharAround Maduraiopposite to Thirubuvanam government hospital
48Idaikattur IdaikadarAround MaduraiIdaikattur in Madurai – Manamadurai Road
49Vadipatti Swami Ramanagiri SiddharAround MaduraiNear Kutladampatti waterfalls (10km from Vadipatti)(Guru pooja in Vaikasi month)
50Virudhunagar Thirupugazh Muthaiah swamigalAround Maduraibehind Virudhunagar Municipality building
51Mavilipatti Sangu swamiSatturMavilipatti near Sattur
52Aruppukottai Veerabhadra swamiAround Madurainear Pavadi thoppu in Aruppukottai-Virudhunagar road (Daily pooja and Guru pooja on Masi magam)
53Mavilipatti Sangu swamiAround MaduraiMavilipatti near Sattur
54Aruppukottai Veerabhadra swamiAround Madurainear Pavadi thoppu in Aruppukottai-Virudhunagar road (Daily pooja and Guru pooja on Masi magam)
55Dakshinamurthy swamiAround Madurainear Aruppukottai Chokkalingapuram Nehru ground
56Atmananda RamasamyAround Maduraion the banks of Chockalingapuram Sivankoil Theppakulam (Margazhi Mirugasirisham Guru poojai)
57Kappan GnaniyarAround Maduraibehind Chockalingapuram North car street, Kamatchi Amman temple (Panguni valarpirai Punarpoosam Guru poojai)
58PonnambalaswamiVirudhanagar Districton the west side of Ayiram kan Mariamman temple, Pavadithoppu, Aruppukottai ( Daily poojai and Guru poojai on 1st of Thai month)
59Puliyuran SiddharVirudhanagar DistrictPuliyooran – 10 Km from Aruppukottai
60Kattangudi Reddisamy Kumaravel MounagurusamiVirudhanagar DistrictKattangudi – 15 Km from Aruppukottai (Ani month Poorvabaksham Guru poojai)
61Kottur GurusamyKottaiyurKottur (Frequent bus service from Aruppukottai is available)( Guru poojai in Adi month Magam)
62ArumugasamyAround MaduraiVadakunatham village (Frequent bus services from Aruppukottai. Murugan ‘Prathistai on the samadhi.. Celebration in the entire month of Karthigai)
63Sivathaia swamiThuthinatham villageIn Aruppukottai – Sayalkudi road (daily puja)
64Perumal kovil patti Masilananda swamyPerumal Kovilpatti villageAruppukottai – Ettayapuram road. Daily pooja and Chithirai month Uthiram Guru pooja.
65Alagapuri Muthiah SwamyAlagapuriAruppukottai – Ettayapuram road (Guruppoja in Masi month Magam star)

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