The Azhagar Festival
Kallazhagar is on horseback bringing gifts for his sister Devi Meenakshi during her wedding faces a flooding river and manages to cross the rising river on horseback.

The Azhagar Festival is held to portray the significance of Lord Kallazhagar also called Sunderaraja Peruman’s formal visit to the marriage of Meenakshi (who is but the manifestation of his sister Parvathi). He arrives at Madurai from Azhagar Kovil with all the attendant paraphernalia specifically brought from the bride’s residence at the time of marriage. As he reaches the northern portion of the river Vaigai, he comes to know that the marriage ceremony is already over. He was delayed as he chose to come in disguise to prevent theft of the finery he was carrying for the marriage ceremony. 

Deeply upset, he gives the marriage gifts to Meenakshi and Sundareshwara in a mandapam (pillared hall) in the middle of river Vaigai and goes back from the northern side. The Vaigai river floods at that time but Kallazhagar crosses it on horseback. When he rises from the river Vaigai, Pavalakkanivaai Perumal, who is present in the Murugan Temple of Thirupparankundram, is there to welcome him.

Presenting Gold Staff to Dharumi

The deities of Lord Sundareshwara and Devi Meenakshi. Sundareshwara is seen holding written verses that he handed hands over to Dharumi

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