293rd Guru Maha Sannidhanam His Divine Holiness addresses global audiences on Vedic tradition, the history and the philosophy of Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham

293rd guru maha sannidhanam delivering discourse


 Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji says,

When we put only our time into something, we get into the basic level understanding. But when we put our energy and life into something, the essence of that thing reveals itself to us.
For example if we put our energy and life fully into the morning routine of yoga, pancha kriya, puja, kirtans dancing and Nithya Satsang, we can experience the state of Bhava Samadhi.
He goes on to reveal: “Everything I designed – waking up in brahmamuhurata (1 ½ hours before down), doing yoga or doing pancha kriya or doing puja or doing kirtans or sitting in the Satsang, everything I have designed clearly to give you the chit gana anubhava -embodied state of consciousness.
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 devotees both on 2-way and physically there at Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham deeply listen to the satsang


Three kinds of Satsang

At the deepest level, Satsang means simply being with the Truth of oneself. Samadhi is the ultimate satsang! But not all of us can recognize and commune with this deepest, untouched part of ourselves. Sometimes, it takes the presence of an evolved being to draw us out. This is the second kind of satsang – being in the presence of one who has realized the Truth and who can show you your own real Self. The third kind of satsang, as mentioned earlier, is to be with a group that shares the same focus as oneself. A satsang group is a precious group, because it is held together by high levels of integrity and awareness, a deep connectedness and a passionate commitment to discovering and sharing the Truth. That is why both spiritual practices and community service form the very fibre of every genuine satsang group.

Why satsang?
Satsang does not have a fixed goal or benefits, because it is a spontaneous happening. Satsang does not create transformation, it simply offers us a caring, supportive space where we can melt down our barriers, and open up to the awesome challenge of being our purest selves.

Satsang with an enlightened master
When a satsang is guided by an enlightened being, his very presence can trigger instantaneous transformation in our body and psyche. This beautiful mystical experience can be explained to some extent by the principle of resonance so well known in the field of physics. An enlightened being is a powerhouse of spiritual energy, constantly radiating in all directions. When we enter the spiritual field of such an enlightened being, our being begins to spontaneously vibrate at the same frequency as his own powerful spiritual vibrations. Just as a bowl of water will begin to hum when struck with a metal rod at the right frequency, an energy adept can subtly force our energy into higher spiritual frequencies by the sheer pressure of his own vibration. Satsang is not bound by the laws of space and time!

Celebrating Shaktipada:
Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiiji says;

Shaktipada means It is the presence, just sitting that makes the individual soul one with the cosmic soul, becoming one with the cosmic soul. 
The best way to have Shaktipata is morning satsang whether live or alive. Morning satsang alone is enough to make you manifest powers. Understand I am categorically declaring, it may be live or alive, morning satsangs alone is enough for you to manifest Sadashiva’s powers and Sadashiva’s Consciousness. Everything else is help, supplement, but main course meal is morning satsang. Everything else is supplement. Morning for you to have Shaktipata and manifest Sadashiva’s powers and Sadashiva’s Consciousness

293rd Guru Maha Sannidhanam delivering discourses at Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham

293rd Guru maha sannidhanam delivered LIVE daily satsangs to global audience on 2 way twice a day, continued morning satsangs on bhagavad gita and evening satsangs on Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham history, vedic traditions, thirujnanasambandar , shiva leelas, history and philosophy etc. here are few,
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293rd Guru maha sannidhanam hosted a 2-day live Worldwide Conference on Vedic tradition, history and science on May 13 & 14,2012. The conference revealed the historical, religious and mystical dimensions of the Vedic tradition in India. It was jointly hosted by the 292nd and 293rd guru maha sannidhanm of Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham, Guru Maha Sannidhanam Srila Sri Arunagirinatha Sri Gnanasambanda Desika Paramacharya Swamigal and His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, who will speak on the history and philosophy of Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham in the context of Vedic tradition.

Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham, which has a recorded history of over 1500 years, is also the source of philosophies like Shaiva Siddhanta and Vedanta, two of the richest heirs of Vedic tradition. The conference is set to be a landmark event for reviving global interest in the rich legacy of Vedic tradition.

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