Madurai Aadheenam Mother Document_English

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Name of the institution – Sri Thirujnanasambandhar swamigal aadheenam
type – mutt
village – madurai
taluk – madurai
district – madurai
Nearest post office and railwaystation – Madurai town pajar post office
and Madurai junction
When Madurai was in the Ruling Period of Kind Koonpandiyan, The Tamil saint and nayarmar called thirujnansambandhar incarnated in sozha kingdom Sirgazi. He attainted the enligtenment at the age of the 3 along with the breast milk of Lord adhishakhi herself. By receiving the grace and blessings of lord shiva, he started singing the Tamil poem call ‘Devaaram’ and nd receving gifts from lord shiva like ‘thamai’, ‘muthuchivigai’, Muthukudai, ‘Muthuchinnam’ (the variety of things made in pearl) and also visited many shiva templs and satted doing many mirracles. On his way he reached the pandiya kingdom, and brought back kind koonpandiyan to the Shaiva kingdome was follwoing the JAINS tradition by healing his heavy fever and his bent back from the birth and named him as sundhara pandiyan.
The he also own the jains who fought with him by the expressing shivas power through water and fire. And blessed all the beings recides in the country and made them to apply the basma – sacred ash.
tought the Nithya Naimithya pooja also, opened teh temple which was closed for long. also made a plan and rule through king for the Nithya naimathiya pooja’s too happen in temple.
Blessed the Minister Kulachirayar who welcomed him with lot of love. and while staying in Mutt, he teached the dheeksha upadesam to VAAKEESA Munivar, and blessed to spread the shaiva religion througth the land which given by the kind and came back to the SHOLA Kingdom.
Vaakeesha munivar was doing the pooja for the ‘Adhikaara udayavar-shivalinga’ and meenakshi dieties which was Energised with the Form of thirujansamandhar swamigal and given by thirujnana sambandhar. when thirujnansambandha swamigal dissaperas in the shivajyothi (the ligth form of shiva) at Vaikashi tamil month in achaapuram, he was doing gurupooja by sits as his own disciple.
After 2000years of the KALIYUGA Started (ending abrupt in the orginal doc itself)
1. Name of the previous trustees
so fare as known names and date of appoinment of present trustees nand particulars as to the custom of provision in the deed of foundation, if any, regarding succession to the office of trustee.
1. Vaakishar (a) shivajnananda yogeshwarar
2. Shiva jnanasambandha desigar
3. Shivaprakasha desigar
4. Jnanaprakasha desigar
5. chidambara desigar
6. pasupathi desigar
7. Paramanandha desigar
8. Guoothama desigar
9. Prananaatha desigar
10. Shivaprakasha desigar
11. Nadana natha desigar
12. Thirujnana prakasha desigar
13. Pasupathi naatha desigar
14. Panidya poositha desigar
15. Ekantha desigar
16. Magaalinga desigar
17. Somasundhara desigar
18. Umapathi desigar
19. Anandha sundhara desigar
20. Shivananda desigar
21. Sadhashiva desigar
22. Vishwanatha desigar
23. Pranaveshwara desigar
24. Sachidananda desigar
25. Parmashiva desigar
26. Vedhanaatha desigar
27. Magadeva desigar
28. Nithyananda desigar
29. Sambunaatha desigar
30. Madurai nayaka desigar
31. Chidambara desigar
32. Kannappa desigar
33. Magalinga desigar
34. Thirikaala desigar
35. Sthuonandha desigar
36. Shivanukraha desigar
37. suyambunaatha desigar
38. Sarvajnana desigar
39. sachithananda desigar
40. Sundara deva desigar
41. Yogananda desigar
42. Anandha paravasa desigar
43. Sambandhaschari desigar
44. sababathi desigar
45. triyambaka desigar
46. sadashiva desigar
47. Nataraja desigar
48. Sarvajnana desigar
49. Sundaralinga desigar
50. Jnanaprakasha desigar
51. Magalinga desigar
52. Somasundhara desigar
53. Nithyananda desigar
54. Suyamprakasha desigar
55. Dhakshinamoorthi desigar
56. Ninmala desigar
57. Panajothi desigar
58. Manthireshu desigar
59. Aathmaanuutha desigar
60. Kailasanaatha desigar
61. shivajnana desigar
62. sadhashiva desigar
63. Nirasiyananda desigar
64. jnana yothaka desigar
65. ulaganaatha desigar
66. Naandheesa desigar
67. Uma mageswara desigar
68. Thavaprakasha desigar
69. shivananda desigar
70. Saaya naatha desigar
71. Swaminaatha desigar
72. sakalagama desigar
73. Paramajnaneswara desigar
74. Yogaprakasha desigar
75. Neelakanda desigar
76. Shiddhanaatha desigar
77. satheniyasdesuye desigar
78. paramananda desigar
79. Jnana bothaga desigar
80. vethanayaka desigar
81. somasundhara desigar
82. Sachithananda desigar
83. Kailaya desigar
84. Sundaralinga desigar
85. Triyambaka desigar
86. Sababathi desigar
87. Shivasubramaniya desigar
88. Sambashiva shiva desigar
89. Nithyananda desigar
90. Thandava naya desigar
91. Santhi jnana desigar
92. Madurai nayaka desigar
93. Thyagaraaja desigar
94. Yogaprakasha desigar
95. Anandha sundhara desigar
96. Manthiresura desigar
97. Vedhanayaka desigar
98. Magadeva desigar
99. Dhakshinamoorthi desigar
100. sadhashiva desigar
101. Suyambunatha desigar
102. Umapathi desigar
103. Viswanaatha desigar
104. Anandha sundhara desigar
105. suyambunatha desigar
106. Thyagaraja desigar
107. sri kanda desigar
108. sundaralinga desigar
109. Ananda sundhara desigar
110. Meenakshi sundara desigar
111. Chimoorthi desigar
112. Swaminaatha desigar
113. Siddhantha prakasha desigar
114. Abishekasundhara desigar
115. Chinmoorthi desigar
116. Sachithananda desigar
117. Sanmathatthaban desigar
118. Nithyananda desigar
119. Abisheka sundhara desigar
120. Anandha paravasa desigar
121. Rasadhasaya desigar
122. jnanasarvanugraha desigar
123. Somasundhara desigar
124. Chandrasekara desigar
125. Nirmalothama desigar
126. Sabaabathi desigar
127. Thiruvrupalesaga desigar
128. Vijgnanesuvara desigar
129. Kalatheeswara desigar
130. panchanusadasuvaa desigar
131. Sambandha sanulaya desigar
132. suyamprakasha desigar
133. Nithya jnana desigar
134. Gangaathara desigar
135. Somasundhara desigar
136. Sukanandha desigar
137. Karunakara desigar
138. Pasupathi desigar
139. Karunalaya desigar
140. Devanayaka desigar
141. Piramburasea desigar
142. Thavamprakasha desigar
143. Umapathi desigar
144. Anandha sundhara desigar
145. Maraijnana desigar
146. Sivapaathavirudhaya desigar
147. Vaiyakkiya desigar
148. Sundharalinga desigar
149. Paramashiva jnana desigar
150. Panchanana desigar
151. Tharmopadesa desigar
152. Anandeshura desigar
153. Karoothama desigar
154. Maraijnana desigar
155. Perundevanayaka desigar
156. Kaalatheesa desigar
157. Chidambara desigar
158. Parameshwara desigar
159. Chidambara desigar
160. Paramananda desigar
161. Ganapatheesa desigar
162. Pasupathi desigar
163. Ambigapathi desigar
164. Sundharalinga desigar
165. Arunachala desigar
166. Vithiyesura desigar
167. Ulaganaatha desigar
168. Shivananda yogeswara desigar
169. Kandhappa desigar
170. Meenakshi sundhara desigar
171. Shivajnana desigar
172. Sankara linga desigar
173. Sadhashiva desigar
174. Subramaniya desigar
175. Panchanatha desigar
176. Thiruchtrambala desigar
177. Nateshwara desigar
178. Rameshwa desigar
179. Sattayappa desigar
180. Kaaliyappa desigar
181. Sokkanaatha desigar
182. Murugappa desigar
183. Shanmuganaatha desigar
184. Soundhara nayaka desigar
185. Magalinga desigar
186. Ekanaatha desigar
187. Anandha paravasa desigar
188. thyagaraaja desigar
189. Sadhashiva desigar
190. Ambalavaana desigar
191. Thonipureshwara desigar
192. Sukanandha desigar
193. Umapathi desigar
194. Nellayala desigar
195. Maasilamani desigar
196. Magadeva desigar
197. Swaminaatha desigar
198. Shivaloka desigar
199. madusheshala desigar
200. siddhanaatha desigar
201. Kandhappa desigar
202. Gangaathara desigar
203. sri kanda desigar
204. Nithyananda desigar
205. Maagadeva desigar
206. balaroopaya desigar
207. Manthiresuvara desigar
208. Ambalavaana desigar
209. Neelakanda desigar
210. Pasupathi desigar
211. Vedhanayaka desigar
212. subramaniya desigar
213. Krupalaya desigar
214. Chandra sekara desigar
215. Shivaprakaasha desigar
216. magadeva desigar
217. Anandhaparavasa desigar
218. Mathuresura desigar
219. shivaloganaatha desigar
220. Maraijanana sambandha desigar
221. Viswanaatha desigar
222. Kalaijnana sambandha desigar
223. suyambu naatha desigar
224. sittambala desigar
225. chinna moorthi desigar
226. Jnanprakasha desigar
227. Kanthappa desigar
228. Sokkalinga desigar
229. Subbramaniya desigar
230. sundharalingam desigar
231. ganesha desigar
232. Dhakshinamoorthi desigar
233. kaazhi Jnansambandha desigar
234. Madurai Nayaka desigar
235. Paramashiva desigar
236. Jnanprakasha desigar
237. sambandha desigar
238. sambandhasaarulaya desigar
239. Mad0 ourai nayaka desigar
240. Aarumuga desigar
241. Parmakaarunya desigar
242. Pasupathi desigar
243. sabanatha desigar
244. suyamprakasha desigar
245. Kalatheeswara desigar
2. Particulars of the scheme of administration
any governering the institution such as by whom the scheme was settled and on what date.
One schedule of establshment affected by common in his rupees 5822 to of 29-11-60.
The administration is happening under the person who comes as pontiff of Madurai thirujnanasambandha swamigal aadheenam.
3.Appointment method of pandiya kingdom :
The person who comes as pontiff, in his period he has to do the samaya, vishesha dheekshas as per the agama for the thondai mandala saiva velalar people and disciples of thirujnansambandhar mutt.
The aadheena karthar has to been called “chinna pandaara sanyaasi” he attained all the position of the pontiff and do the adminstration.
4. Particulars of important customs and usages:
nithya (daily) puja is going on in aadheenam as per kamika agama and somasambhupaddathi.
for all shaiva velalar; shaiva deeksha, vishesha deeksha and nirvana deeksha as per agama will be initiated. once if a person receives acharya abhishekam in a particular period, none other can be initiated. shaiva velalar sparsha deeksha can be initiated.

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